My first PodCast – Spinning up the past, the present and the future climate

A couple of weeks ago I attended a PodCast workshop organised by ResClim and the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research, and led by Jack Soper.

Soper is a former BBC-producer turned freelancer. He still work for BBC, but also “run smartphone reporting training for journalists and producers and am currently visiting lecturer at both University of Westminster and City University, teaching media and journalism”, as he writes about himself on his webpage. I can highly recommend his course!

The focus on the course was on how to turn the great content that we already have, into a PodCast. As Soper stated, content is king, and we all were researchers with a lot to tell the world, but we lacked the experience on how to turning it into something that people will listen to.

The first point we needed to learn was how to write for audio. Secondly, how to do a good recording. Third step was editing. Fourth, how to get it out there.

Before the workshop started I had some ideas on what I wanted to make a PodCast about, and that was how climate models tick. During the first day though, I needed to write a short text for the webpage of the Organic project that I am part of. I therefore ended up with adapting that text to audio. Listening through it now, and discussing it with Ashley Braunthal, a fellow science communicator at SciSnack, I see that this was a bad strategy as it set some limits on how I built the text that do not work optimal. So I might revisit the topic later. I will keep it as it is for now, since it is limited how much time I have to use on it, and I want to make new PodCasts on other topics.

So here is the product,

A new site, a new start

I have for some time had my own domain,, and for a longer time I have had my blog, blihblableu, on Now I have upgraded my webpage with a wordpress blog. I hope that I will this more regular than blihblableu.

The blogspot site I started way back when I first moved to Paris to have a way to keep in touch with my friends back in Bergen. So it was in Norwegian. It was named by Ida that is now living in Copenhagen, because my imagination was limited. Then, when I moved back for a year in Bergen, I changed to English to make my blog a bit more accessible to my non-Norwegian friends.

The blihblableu has been mostly focused on my travels, but this blog will be more general. So expect a bit from my travels, a bit from my work, a bit general science, opinions and stuff that I feel to blog about.

Welcome to Roteloftet in Skuteviken.

PS.:   Skuteviken is the part of Bergen where I live now
PPS.: Roteloftet is a reference to Fysikk på Roterommet