A new site, a new start

I have for some time had my own domain, ingjald.no, and for a longer time I have had my blog, blihblableu, on blogspot.com. Now I have upgraded my webpage with a wordpress blog. I hope that I will this more regular than blihblableu.

The blogspot site I started way back when I first moved to Paris to have a way to keep in touch with my friends back in Bergen. So it was in Norwegian. It was named by Ida that is now living in Copenhagen, because my imagination was limited. Then, when I moved back for a year in Bergen, I changed to English to make my blog a bit more accessible to my non-Norwegian friends.

The blihblableu has been mostly focused on my travels, but this blog will be more general. So expect a bit from my travels, a bit from my work, a bit general science, opinions and stuff that I feel to blog about.

Welcome to Roteloftet in Skuteviken.

PS.:   Skuteviken is the part of Bergen where I live now
PPS.: Roteloftet is a reference to Fysikk på Roterommet

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