A trip to Berlin

For the last three years one of my groups of friends and gaming groups have gone on a trip to one of Europas larger cities. What has now, after the third time, become a tradition, was instated as such to celebrate the 40. birthday of one or more in the group.

The first year we went to Amsterdam in January due to this being quite close to the birthday to one of those that turned 40 that year. The second trip was to London in February. Again close to the birthday we were to celebrate. Though, this year we got nobody in particular to celebrate, but we felt the need to get the tradition going in a proper way.1) The destination was Berlin. There is a direct flight from Bergen and more those that had not been there before got convinced that it is one of the best cities in Europe for a group of friends that love beer, food, and stopping by a museum or two.

The reason I mentioned the months that we went to Amsterdam and London, was that both of those trips was marred by the cold weather. The were a lot of fun, but I remember how the chill crept in on me and took a bite. So this year, we got some sense and postponed it to end of April. A perfect time to get some real spring while the winter still holds a finger on us here north.

The museum that got visited on this trip was the DDR museum. Not to recommend. It was expensive, small and too crowded. Those that opted for an extra museum, also visited the Jewish museum. According to them it was very interesting and so large that they only saw a portion of it.

The rest of us spent the time either relaxing, or as my brother and me, hat-shopping. I got this very practical hat in oilskin that makes it possible for me to be fashionable even in Bergen.

During the evening we ended strangely enough up at the most Norwegian place in Berlin, Kaschk. We only saw that there was a place 100 meters away from where we lived that served craft beer and had shuffleboard for entertainment. When we came in, we were met by a small Norwegian girl that could tell us the story on how the owners are trying to become the shuffleboard lords in Europe while serving us the newest craft beer from Oslo.

The Saturday was spent mostly walking through the city centre before we ended up along the Spree on what seemed like a very temporary beach bar. Here I got to taste the pride of Berlin in the beer world, Berliner Weiße, which is despite its colours, quite good. Especially when sitting in the spring sun in the German capitol.

After three days of wandering we had to take one of the turist busses on the fourth and last day. So I finally managed to get a good shot of the main sights in Berlin. Among them the Reichtag, the last pieces of die Mauer, and Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche.

1) Everybody know that anything that has been repeated three times is an ancient tradition. At least that is how it works here in Bergen.

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