The start of TRELIS – Geilo October 2020

As a newly minted associated professor of natural science in a permanent position I finally get research time again. A part of this time is now invested in the TRELIS project, Teacher’s Research Literacy for Science teaching. The goal of the project is to bring the natural science teacher education in Norway up to speed now that it is a master study.

The first two days October 2020 was therefore spent at Dr. Holms hotel at Geilo together with 13 other persons physically present and 2-6 digitally present. Days filled with plans for how to fulfil our mission and updating everybody on where we are and what we do.

Earthworm as a guide towards inquiry based teaching and learning.

There are two work packages that relates to how teachers are working in the school, work package 4 – inquiry based teaching/learning (IBT and IBL), and work package 5 – modelling in schools. While both are interesting, and I have spent most of my adult life doing modelling work in physics, physical chemistry, geoscience and geobiochemistry, I have chosen to participate in WP-4, and thus I got to know the earthworm in the video above. This was Charlotte Askland’s example of how to teach the teacher students at Oslomet to observe, so they can start learning from nature.

While WP-4 and 5 are focused on how to do IBT/L and modelling, WP-6 is all about getting our research out to those that hopefully will use our research. Included in the project are therefore people who are working at science museums and their like, people how are traveling around showing teachers and pupils how to use new tools like micro:bit.

Demonstration of super:bit, the Norwegian initiative to spread micro:bit and their use in Norwegian schools.

I have hopes for this project. For I think that if we can get teachers to really utilise the tools of IBT for IBL, then more pupils will find the joy of learning natural sciences. They can understand that while there are some absolute answers in the natural sciences, the goal of science class is not to rehearse those truths until you can recite them perfectly, but the goal is to learn how to ask the good questions. Those that bring us onward.